Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Suppressing the sinking feeling 
My aimless attempts to distract my mind
I sadly wish that time spent with you
are not moments that I leave behind..

My realization grows stronger yet,
Minus you, my life grows dreary and blue
The void in my fragile heart
Grows larger without you

Come home soon, my love
My patched heart wont hold for long
Come home and fill this emptiness
Make my pining heart strong.

My mind wrestles with my heart
Berates me for crumbling down.
Tells me I am alone the crutch I need,
So walk your path without a frown.

I'll make do my best when you're not here
Play hard, dance, and sport a grin.
But I know, it'll still be just making do
With you, my heart smiles fully from within.