Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beautiful solitude

Beautiful, beautiful solitude
With your waves so pretty.
Gently rocking my soul.
Steering me across my sea of calm.

Your sun sparkles on my skin
My hair dances to your breeze.
I feel awake; I feel alive
I'm enveloped in your lingering charm.

Your soft sands tease my feet.
They draw me to paths unexplored.
Swaying towards dreams I'd left behind
My timid heart has forgotten her fears of harm.

Beautiful and strong solitude.
With your smile so pretty.
Guide me to swim through the turbulence around.
For my wounded courage, be my balm.


Sougata Khan said...

Nice one. I'm having similar thoughts too :P. Though not as expressive as you.

Ranjini Subramaniam said...

stunning imagery!

Ranjini Subramaniam said...

stunning imagery!