Sunday, October 2, 2011

The power of self


The frame of mind most of us seem to be in. Surprisingly, we seem to be more lost than ever when it comes to the most important decisions of our life. Career, family and love. Being one of the most intellectually empowered species, why is it so difficult to make our own decisions?

The answer stems back to a startling and profound truth. We hardly listen to ourselves. The little voice in your head is clouded by the myriad of judgments and opinions around you. We have learnt to live by reacting to our environment. Every thought is governed by the outlook and the acceptance of society, friends, our generation and most importantly, our family.

It's no surprise that we feel so disoriented as we try to walk the path advocated by the multiple facets of our life. And when the decision is not completely ours to begin with, it is hardly startling that we are so easily shaken from our path by even the slightest iota of self-doubt. That infantile skepticism transforms rapidly into a volley of confusion and once again, instead of listening to our instincts, we turn to a confidante to lead the path once more. A vicious circle.

How, then, does one begin to listen to their gut feeling? I took 5 minutes of time away from my routine life and tried to listen to what my instinct was saying to me. If you're doing this for the first time, you'll realize it turns out to be an unexpectedly difficult task to listen to yourself without wanting to indulge back in to the world (check your phone, watch the time or continue doing your prior tasks). Once you have got started though, a sense of calmness envelops you as you grow surer of your unadulterated thoughts.

It’s not a life-altering experience and to expect fireworks would be quite foolish. Yet, the relief and mental stability that ensued was nothing short of a wonder. The feeling of anger, helplessness and frustration is replaced by a sense of quietude and strength.

The answers to every troubling question that has left you in despair...You don't need to look out for it.You just need to look inside.