Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Foggy Future

A nervous chill runs down my spine.
Dust and sweat prickle on my skin.
An eerie drone fills the melancholy void
It clamps my heart from deep within.

Gaunt and lifeless, brittle and brown
Withered, they lay, leaves scattered by
I hear them crumble with every step I take
Disrupting the stillness despite many a try.

Wary, I tread ahead on the meandering trail
Into a hazy horizon, it disappears
I dread to think what peril lurks beyond
Every stride into the unknown adds to my fears

Why must have I left that habitual path?
Where the trees beckoned me to come hither
A land where the breeze, oh so ambrosial,
Gently nudged me to pace further.

Numbed by a sudden remorse,
In my tracks, I froze
A sparkle, I espied, glimmering bright
A dewdrop on a wild rose.

The sweet fragrance of earth wafted by
Rays shimmered through the canopy
A familiar sight greeted my eyes
Was I walking into a reverie?

I glanced around once more.
The path hadn’t changed, it was I
Anxious to embrace a route nouveau
I had been afraid to even try.

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods
A honeyed babble plays on the breeze
A smile quivers on my lips once more
My timorous heart is yet again at ease.

The distant horizon may be obscure
Yet I’ve faith it isn’t filled with gloom.
Every hopeful stride I take
Awaits new flowers in bloom.