Saturday, February 2, 2008

'How-to' write a song - Bollywood ishtyle

Bollywood lyricists seem to have hit an all-time low. As more movies flood the markets, there is a sudden dearth of good song-writers and the void happens to be filled by every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to make a quick buck. Of course, we still have the likes of Gulzar who have tried their best to maintain lyricism as an art form. Well, you too could become the new-age lyricist within no time. All it takes is a bit of observation and words will flow in.

Situation 1: Male Lead expressing his love for his heroine.

Must-use words: pyar, ishq, mohabbat, ( More the synonyms for love ,the better) , bechain, hai, dil, (deewana – parwana) , nakhre, dhadkan, saansen.

Must–use phrases: neend ud gaya, chain ud gayi, tera jadoo, main tere upar marta hoon..sapno mein aaye.

To add a dash of Punjabi: soniye, Rab, gal,.. See! It’s that simple.

Situation 2: The Female lead expressing her love ( Note that the above words are included too)

Must-use words: piya, maahi, sajna, -( Focus on synonyms for ‘lover’, this time) ,chunariya, dupatta ( even if your heroine is always dressed in western outfits in the movie)

Must-use phrases: Neend na aaye - Yaad sataaye, (piya – jiya) duet,

For the Punjabi – touch: Mahiya, Rajna, yaara etc.

Situation 3: The 'we're cool’ couple song

Put in english words – crazy, I wanna, yeah..yeah, you’re mine, baby..In short, cut-copy-paste from a Britney Spears track.

Anxious that the lyrics might not strike a chord with the scores of Bollywood music lovers? Fear not! Camouflage comes to the rescue in the form of a catchy tune, superstars flaunting 6-pack abs or curves, semi-clad Russian blondes dancing in the video and lo! --you’ve just engineered a song that will soar up the charts rapidly. The downside – After a year, your composition would be replaced by another similar quick-fix track. Why despair though? You probably would have written that one too. :)