Monday, January 21, 2008

Taaren Zameen Par - A Review

Simple yet so touching... A social message passed on without being too preachy about it. The movie has it all, a gripping storyline, talented actors and social relevance. The story revolves around an eight yr old dyslexic boy misunderstood by everyone around him, including his family. Harsh treatment drives him to a point where he withdraws himself into a small cocoon distancing himself from painting as well, his favourite hobby . The story soon witnesses a turn of events when the boy's art teacher recognises his problem and helps him get the better of it leaving everyone spellbound by the artistic genius in him. A happy ending after all.... Although the focus is on the hassles faced by a dyslexic child, quite a lot of youngsters can connect to it having been in similiar situations. Constant comparison with the best student, incessant nagging to achieve what the parent thinks is best for his kid , eventually spurring an angry rebellion or silent suppression as the child's response. The movie brought forth the immense use of enjoyable methods of learning..Methods which are generally assumed to be a complete waste of valuable time. On the whole, TZP proves to be an eye-opener to people of all ages and in every role. I quote a particular line from the movie which said it all..."When people desperately want their kids to excel every time they try, they should think about breeding race horses instead".

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