Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Red Balloon

As I lightly shuffle my feet,
Jostle my way through the marketplace.
Cries of vendors penetrate the dust,
whilst a bead of sweat trickles down my face.

A glistening red grasps my glance.
A child's fantasy, I espy.
Playfully tugging at its fastened twine,
A round, red balloon yearning to fly.

A smile plays softly on my lips.
My heart flutters as I watch it dance.
Blind to the treasure of toys around,
I feel it beckon to hold it in my arms.

Propelled by a desire naive,
I'm drawn to it like a moth to a light.
Stalled by an image of a young woman with a balloon,
Reality soon mists my craving out of sight.

Standing on the threshold of youth,
Armed to build a new life ahead.
Here I am, melted by just a balloon,
Wishing I could give it all up instead.

Perhaps if I embraced it just once,
To play with it an entire day.
Would I feel that buoyancy,
so resonant of a balloon's gait?

Being childlike didn't make me a child again.
I could play on the swing and fly my kite.
Dance while it rained on the streets,
Yet, all it bestowed was a moment's respite.

Though the moment has almost flown away,
I'm still enveloped in a lingering cheer.
Aroused from a languid monotony,
A twinkle in my eye does often appear. :)

Akshata Rao

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Love's Labour Lost

It's been quite a while since I last added to my humble collection of blog posts. I was unable to find anything that inspired or rather compelled me to portray my thoughts on paper. However, the truth is that unless you're willing to open your eyes and look around, you'll never spot it. Which would explain my abstinence from writing as a result of self-perpetrated blindness to everything else. For the past month and a half, I've been daily visiting the lush campus of IISc, Bangalore.
Routine-driven, I walk by the same lane each day barely noticing the irony smeared on the splendor that surrounds me. Dim lights glimmer beneath the dark canopy of trees assuring me of a humane touch to the forlorn paths. I couldn't help feeling faintly jealous of the residents , for whom an early morning stroll, laden with ambrosial freshness and a soothing calm , was a daily affair. Or for whom, a leisurely walk beneath the starry skies, armed to melt any cold heart, was just a step away.
I glanced again at the Eden around me to realize that the truth was startlingly different. Not once had I seen a student or a professor gazing at it with an equivalent reverence or awe. More often than not, I'd see them scurrying down the lane, speeding away on their bicycles with an occasional turn of the head, only to avoid traffic. Some mulling plans in their mind, determined to figure out the missing piece in their research and some involved in a heated discussion with colleagues. The silent connoisseur was ,sadly, absent.
Perhaps, this was a reiteration of the greener grass across the fence. Although the charm never faded, the ardor did. Well, they say, a thing of beauty is a joy forever or Is it?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

'How-to' write a song - Bollywood ishtyle

Bollywood lyricists seem to have hit an all-time low. As more movies flood the markets, there is a sudden dearth of good song-writers and the void happens to be filled by every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to make a quick buck. Of course, we still have the likes of Gulzar who have tried their best to maintain lyricism as an art form. Well, you too could become the new-age lyricist within no time. All it takes is a bit of observation and words will flow in.

Situation 1: Male Lead expressing his love for his heroine.

Must-use words: pyar, ishq, mohabbat, ( More the synonyms for love ,the better) , bechain, hai, dil, (deewana – parwana) , nakhre, dhadkan, saansen.

Must–use phrases: neend ud gaya, chain ud gayi, tera jadoo, main tere upar marta hoon..sapno mein aaye.

To add a dash of Punjabi: soniye, Rab, gal,.. See! It’s that simple.

Situation 2: The Female lead expressing her love ( Note that the above words are included too)

Must-use words: piya, maahi, sajna, -( Focus on synonyms for ‘lover’, this time) ,chunariya, dupatta ( even if your heroine is always dressed in western outfits in the movie)

Must-use phrases: Neend na aaye - Yaad sataaye, (piya – jiya) duet,

For the Punjabi – touch: Mahiya, Rajna, yaara etc.

Situation 3: The 'we're cool’ couple song

Put in english words – crazy, I wanna, yeah..yeah, you’re mine, baby..In short, cut-copy-paste from a Britney Spears track.

Anxious that the lyrics might not strike a chord with the scores of Bollywood music lovers? Fear not! Camouflage comes to the rescue in the form of a catchy tune, superstars flaunting 6-pack abs or curves, semi-clad Russian blondes dancing in the video and lo! --you’ve just engineered a song that will soar up the charts rapidly. The downside – After a year, your composition would be replaced by another similar quick-fix track. Why despair though? You probably would have written that one too. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Taaren Zameen Par - A Review

Simple yet so touching... A social message passed on without being too preachy about it. The movie has it all, a gripping storyline, talented actors and social relevance. The story revolves around an eight yr old dyslexic boy misunderstood by everyone around him, including his family. Harsh treatment drives him to a point where he withdraws himself into a small cocoon distancing himself from painting as well, his favourite hobby . The story soon witnesses a turn of events when the boy's art teacher recognises his problem and helps him get the better of it leaving everyone spellbound by the artistic genius in him. A happy ending after all.... Although the focus is on the hassles faced by a dyslexic child, quite a lot of youngsters can connect to it having been in similiar situations. Constant comparison with the best student, incessant nagging to achieve what the parent thinks is best for his kid , eventually spurring an angry rebellion or silent suppression as the child's response. The movie brought forth the immense use of enjoyable methods of learning..Methods which are generally assumed to be a complete waste of valuable time. On the whole, TZP proves to be an eye-opener to people of all ages and in every role. I quote a particular line from the movie which said it all..."When people desperately want their kids to excel every time they try, they should think about breeding race horses instead".