Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wah re Media!

Another stagnant,bleary Saturday afternoon...I pick up my copy of the newspaper and skim through the headlines.Splashed across the front page are photographs including a blurb about the recent blasts in Karachi. Slightly reeling from the thrust of the gory images, I feel a familiar rage simmering inside me. Not surprisingly, all that anger is directed not at the law-breakers,but the media at its manipulative best. It does seem to have a penchant for sensationalizing the slightest scrap of news it can pick up. And right across the front page.>Despite the hope we accrue from a delighted observation of improving conditions of life, the media kills a spirit of optimism in the most of us. Oh,the media definitely does print articles which have a feel good factor about them. But on page 5 or 11..hidden behind a sheath of depressing incidents that occured a day earlier. I try hard ,in vain, to apprehend what instigates/inspires them to print articles conveying unrest and dissatisfaction before the ones that spread good cheer.Undoubtedly,it IS the duty of the newspapers to inform their readers of the important events, of every kind, around the globe.All I ask for is some social consciousness on their part.If they do have a power to influence public opinion, why not make that constructive? Why not break the fall with a cushion over hard ground?

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Rhett said...

Akshata, there are several pros and cons to it, and that is only one con you mentioned there.