Friday, October 19, 2007

A freedom movement for women??

One of the most cliched topics i've heard and more often than not,I find it useless to discuss it. The usual ramblings about "How women are more independent now and how they are making a mark in every field previously dominated by men"..Somehow,I find the essence of feminity fading away in the quest by women to prove themselves as equals.
A lot of them have unconsciously decided that to 'attain the status' of a man,one must accomplish everything that a male can to the same degree(not higher,but same). If men find mountaineering challenging and fun, we must do it so that we can prove ourselves as parallels..Sadly, the idea of freedom has been quashed under the weight of such an attitude as we chain our actions to what men do and think.
Well,what can i say? Women are women.If they think like they have been designed to, placing family above personal goals, housekeeping over the assignments at work, a love for the arts equivalent to or over cannot be judged as a lack of ambition,just as a difference in priorities. Women have to appreciate the fact that their role's a lot more challenging yet done with ease. Even if that role may be considered inferior by 'society', there's no reason whatsoever to compell women to think alike.
She who belongs to the gentle sex needn't immerse herself in pursuit of the much-sought after ambitions of a man, unless the interest is genuine.She could just be herself.


sogy said...

Excellent views , appreciate it a lot.

Kripal Pais said...

though the idea has a lot of truth in it, it doesnt apply to a large number of people. if you start to dig further there is still sati, female infanticide etc. add to that 80% of females surveyed recently felt that it was ok for their husbands to slap them. i have had educated female friends tell me that they cannot enter the temple because it is that time of the month and they are not clean. in such a situation i dont think u can ever talk about woman's empowerment

Akshata Rao said... doubt,the independence of a woman is yet threatened by both society and a narrow outlook of her own. If she chooses to get wot she really wants,then there's no stopping her. I just find the idea of 'proving to the male fraternity that we're better than them' silly.

Thupten a.k.a junKi3 said...
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thuppu said...

so true....i do agree that women should be treated as equals in this male dominated society....however..its not worth it if the women lose their unique n rather adorable feminine traits....i mean girls these days don't even respect chivalry!! don't mistake me for a chauvinistic asshole...but i feel that women should be gentle, graceful,caring,poised & elegant.....but strong & independent at the same time....
i mean if there is no "damsel in distress" can we rescue her as the "knight in shining armor"!!