Friday, October 19, 2007

Footsteps on the Sand...

A soothing murmur fills the air
As the waves entrance the shore
Streaks of white across the blue
A glimmer of gold around the core

They bring with them little bits of tales
On the sands, of time, they lay
Pebbles, creatures, carved shells by
Sand castles and bottles cast away

Overwhelmed by the enchantment around
I sit down and play with the grains of sand
Sobered by the lull I hear
I’m transported to another land

Lost in a reverie,
Contemplating life in its stead
We struggle away the years we have
Only to comprehend life on our deathbed.

The goals we choose, the dreams we chase
Strife and struggle, fantasy and frolic
Volatile as every moment ticks away
Reality seems so ironic.

We strive to plan the entire schedule
And fate proposes another route
Although the futility dawns on us,
We pester our children to follow suit

Our desires never seem to cease
Despite needs fulfilled, we still want more.
We forget that it’s the game that counts,
And not the final score.

The links of love, we all craft
To end most as a severing of ties
Another bitter moment in the saga of life
Are these the signs of ‘being wise’?

Perhaps it’s not about the end
The journey maybe the true essence
Like a ride in a rollercoaster
What matters most is the experience.

From the web of thoughts, I emerge
Awakened by a distant call
I walk back along the path I came
Restoring my verve with every footfall.


Kripal Pais said...

deep. i had to actually use the dictionary for some of the words. were u using a thesaurus? :)

I miss the coll beach. You get some great ideas there. But more than that, add some pictures to this and keep it on your desktop as a background or something. Because though i have seen a lot of mails telling people the same thing in less articulate ways, very few people follow it through.

WandereR said...

The beach usually makes people very contemplative.But it means different things to different people.
That aside, a very well written poem i should say! Sums up life,as IT REALLY IS.
Its always the journey that counts that matters, there is no "perhaps" to it.
check out my blog
it also has philosophical tendencies to it :) will write more soon.